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One of the medications I’m on called seroquel is my most hated and favourite. Because it is so hard to overdose on and the amount I take typically per night at the moment I take so little that on a bad night I can take triple it and beyond that and just be really fucking sleepy and hungry. Also on bad night after I cry and cut and than I’m just so weak I just want to sleep I can crush the pill snort some swallow the rest or anything one and man it kicks in so fast it’s amazing. It’s a non-addictive medication but on the streets one of my full pills (I get a pack of around 50) can sell between $10-50.

I sound a little crazy to be taking a mood stabiliser/anti-psychotic/ sedative the way I do but it’s not typically I’m resorted to go to such length just to sleep.

A picture a good friend of mine re-posted on Facebook and tagged me, we went to a chocolate shop me and her were pigging out and three other friends were there. The picture and my friends commenting made me start crying and reminded me of how I should be in Sydney in NSW with them and not in bloody Brisbane QLD and that I shouldn’t be sick, that the future of me is so bleak and how much I love and miss them. Crap I’m crying again. I’m going to pass out if I cry much more. I can’t see sorry.

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